Average age of cold storage in US is 42 years old, we are bringing frozen and cold storage into the modern era

With over 6 million cubic feet of cold storage we have the capacity to meet your storage needs strategically located in central I-35 Texas corridor.

  • Flex-space to accommodate all of our clients storage needs.
  • State-of-the-art robotic inventory management.
  • Cutting edge inventory tracking technology.
  • Refrigerated loading docs to ensure product safety.
  • Blast freezers to quickly reduce core temperature of product to ensure freshness and maintain safety for perishable goods
  • Access to Industrial grade backup power generator. 
  • Client dashboard with inventory updates and status reports to provide full visibility to your inventory.
  • Proudly Texas owned and operated. Deep knowledge of our clients needs and logistical operations from decades of experiences the frozen food industry.

Case Picking

Pick and pack services to allow triple temp to meet our clients logistical needs.

AIB Certification

Meeting industry standards and procedures to ensure we supply customers and your brand with the highest standards of food safety.

Cutting Edge WMS 

at Triple Temp we utilize the latest in warehouse management systems. 70% of cold storage and systems are over 20 years old. 

Shrink Wrap Services

Stretch wrapping and stretchable plastic films to secure your products throughout the logistics process.

Slip Sheet Services

We pack pallets to withstand the rigors of modern shipping.


Our Vision

By 2030, Triple Temp will lead the cold storage industry with three state-of-the-art warehouses, collectively exceeding 1 million square feet. Through our unparalleled commitment to customer service, we aim to transcend transactional relationships, offering our clients an effortless warehousing solution. We pledge to safeguard their products not just within the bounds of temperature specifications, but from all external threats. We envision an industry where the standard for customer service is elevated, and we position ourselves at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Mission Statement

To fortify and extend the global cold supply chain, Triple Temp stands as a beacon against food waste. By ensuring optimal storage conditions, we play our part in nourishing the world, reducing waste, and promoting health.


Core Values

Integrity: At Triple Temp, our actions mirror our promises. We believe in upholding honesty in every transaction, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.

Character: Every interaction is a testament to our dedication. Whether it’s with our employees, our clients, or our partners, we uphold a high standard of respect, commitment, and ethical behavior.

Growth Mindset: Continuous learning is ingrained in our DNA. We celebrate curiosity, welcome new ideas, and foster an environment where ‘knowing it all’ is not the end, but the beginning of discovery.

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